Lawn Maintenance Services 
In Spokane, WA

Correct and routine lawn maintenance is an important part of growing and keeping a healthy lawn. As soon as you’ve either installed fresh sod or are attempting to keep your beautiful lush lawn from suffering throughout the challenging months of drought and heat, you are onto the long hours of fertilizing, mowing, raking, and bagging all the grass. That translates into weekends and evenings spent doing mundane but grueling jobs that no one takes pleasure in. Well, that’s not precisely true. At Lawn Care Spokane, we take pleasure in every minute of it. That’s due to the fact that we specialize in keeping your lawn and garden healthy and happy all year round.

Lawn Maintenance Professionals

When you have all the very best tools and equipment like commercial style lawn mowers and blowers, even the most dull job can be satisfying. And the guys and gals at Lawn Care Spokane not only like our toys, we are specialists at utilizing them. From power push style mowers to riding lawn mowers, leaf blowers and electrical trimmers, mulching machines and chain saws, we have all the most recent gear paired with our genuine goal to ease your lawn maintenance woes and weekend work.

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Lawn Care Services

From understanding all the best lawn care tips and expert lawn repair to installing new lawns, Lawn Care Spokane offers the best lawn care services in the area. Our grass cutting services, lawn mowing strategies, and yard upkeep services are first-class. That means from spring lawn care to winter lawn care and everything in between LCS understands exactly the best timing and the ideal ways of fertilizing and looking after your lawn. Offering the best lawn care services in Spokane is our strength, so you can rely on Lawn Care Spokane to get the most out of your lawn so that you can get the most out of your life.

Being among the most cost effective lawn care providers in Washington means that we take our business very seriously so that you can return to the major business of unwinding on weekends and nights with your family. And being on a routine lawn care service schedule can mean all the difference. The small expense of regular winter, spring, summer, and fall lawn care can actually translate to huge cost savings of money and time for your household. Using an expert regional lawn care service can considerably increase your lawn health and your pleasure of it all year round.

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Regular Lawn Mowing

Routine and appropriate lawn mowing is key to getting the most out of your green lawn. Cutting it too short or letting it become overgrown can ravage a healthy lawn ecosystem. When it’s too long or left un-raked, the cut grass chokes fiber follicles and can actually kill your lawn. Cutting it too short can result in over compaction of the lawn soil as it dries out the lawn making it subject to dead and brown spots. When you rely on a lawn care professional such as Lawn Care Spokane, we take all the guesswork out of the science of mowing.

Who knew grass cutting could be so complicated? We did, which’s why we do what we do. Being the very best lawn care service in Spokane gives us the pride of seeing lawns all over the city rise to the best level of health that one could just imagine when picking us to offer lawn maintenance services. From knowing the when to mow after overseeding to understanding the very best time and way to fertilize, we assure you’ll love our complete lawn care services. We are not just a grass mowing business. We at Lawn Care Spokane are lawn care experts.

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Yard Maintenance

There is a lot associated with yard maintenance that it can be daunting to handle alone. Between mowing, weeding, fertilizing, overseeding, mulching, soil aeration, plant and bush trimming, watering, and bagging yard debris to leave at the curb, one would have to be a specialist in greenery to be on time with all the routine maintenance needed to grow a healthy lawn and garden. And let’s face it. The majority of us do not have the time to become professionals in anything beyond raising a family, giving to a career, and maintaining our own personal healthcare. That means that in addition to needing to pay cash for lawn maintenance, there is a substantial output of time and energy used up when caring for your lawn and yard.

The cost of routine yard maintenance is remarkably budget friendly. For the cost of your day-to-day drive-thru coffee latte, you can literally turn over your lawn and garden maintenance to a full-service commercial lawn care business immediately. And when you partner with a lawn and garden service in your area such as Lawn Care Spokane, you maximize your valuable time to enjoy the fruits of our labor in your yard. Get out the patio BBQ and bring your family out to enjoy your newly groomed yard when you choose the highest quality lawn care that cash can buy. Our low lawn care prices mean a greater quality of life for you in your house and garden.

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Get The Best Lawn Maintenance Services

Yard and lawn care can be highly resource-absorbing for any homeowner or renter. In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, there are so few hours left in a day to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather such as in Washington. How do you want to invest that rare and valuable resource? When you decide to bring Lawn Care Spokane into your garden mix, you’ll observe right away the peace of mind that you delight in when you no longer need to handle your lawn and garden care. We feel we not only offer individuals the time they require, but we likewise offer people the lives they should have.

When you choose Lawn Care Spokane to manage your routine lawn care services, we guarantee that you will be freer to live life to the fullest. Turn over a brand-new leaf and let us bring your lawn and garden to life so that your life can genuinely be as you always envisioned. Trust LCS with your lawn care and conserve your weekends for what matters the most– valuable time with your friends and family.

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